Whew, I did it.

Rose-coloured glasses alert:  I might be a tad biased when it comes to Eric Fehr because I’ve got him in my keeper draft.

I’m starting to sound like an uber-fan here, but this is another great move by Chevy.  He picks up another local kid (Fehr is originally from Winkler, MB) for Danick Paquette and a 4th round draft pick.  With all due respect to Paquette and the 4th rounder, that seems like a steal.  I can only assume this was a cap-related move on Washington’s part.  They were over the cap before the trade and they still have to make room to sign Alzner.

Eric Fehr is a big-bodied forward (6-4, 212 lbs) with a scoring touch.  Those guys do not grow on trees folks.  His numbers were particularly impressive in junior where he put up 109 goals over his last 2 seasons with the Wheat Kings.  He has battled injury problems, most notably with his shoulder last season, but he’s a guy that could really blossom once he gets all that behind him.

Fehr scored 21 goals in 69 games 2 seasons ago in a limited role with the Capitals which only saw him average 12:07 of icetime per game.  In my opinion, he’s ripe to bust out if he’s placed in the right role.  He was just too far down the depth chart on an offensively talented Washington squad.  Perhaps I’m reaching a bit here, but it wouldn’t surprise me too see him develop into a 30-goal scorer.  He’s got good hands and he goes to the right places.  As long as he can get healthy, we’ll be looking back on this as a home run trade.

Fehr is on the final year of his current contract which will see him earn $2.2M.  He will be a restricted free agent next July.  It seems like he’s been in the league for a while, but he’s still only 25 years old.

Edit:  Wow, I just read the 2 articles in the Free Press by Tim Campbell and he pretty much hits all the same points I did.  I’m redundant.  I’m going to have to be quicker on my posts.  Note that Tim couldn’t resist the cheesy pun though.

More than Fehr-ly good and Jets nab Eric Fehr in trade.

OT:  Congrats to T-Bor and Alison!  Nice touch hiring those tiny acrobats to do flips on the dance floor.  I’ll be expecting you to set up a hop scotch tourney so I can redeem myself.  Oilers suck.

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2 Responses to Must…resist…bad…pun…

  1. Habby2CU says:

    My brother-in-law (Ashly’s hubby) was the manager of the Winkler high school hockey team when he played for them and he says he’s a stand-up kid from a good wholesome Mennonite background. Hope the crack/gun capital of North America didn’t corrupt him.
    Great blog Neil!

  2. Deetsdawg says:

    i agree that fehr could hit the 30 goal mark playing in the right situation and i’m thinking that situation is right here in the peg. well as you know guy i have watched a ton of hockey and this guy, as you say has a great scoring touch and goes to the hard areas on the ice where you need to go to score goals. if he is put in a top six role i can easily see him surpassing the 25 goal mark this year and if he stays healthy 30 is definitely not out of the question. hey guy did you want to make a trade at all?? haha