Jason Gregoire

Wow, another great move by Chevy!  Welcome Jason Gregoire!

I know it kind of contradicts my last post to say I love this move (you know, the post where I said you can’t build a team effectively through free agency), but this doesn’t have the same feel as a ‘typical’ free agent signing.

Gregoire utilized a loophole in the collective bargaining agreement whereby he became an unrestricted free agent because 4 years had passed since he was drafted and he was still unsigned by the team that drafted him (the New York Islanders).  By leaving college, he activated his free agent status as of June 1st.  It was a shrewd and ballsy move on his part to go this route and it looks like it paid off.

The reason I say this isn’t a typical free agent signing is that it’s fairly low risk / high reward.  I say low risk because Gregoire has no pro experience, so I imagine Chevy got him on a 2-way contract at a reasonable price (the details haven’t been released yet).  I say high reward because judging by his numbers in college, this kid can play.

In 120 games with UND, he put up 57 goals and 52 assists for 109 points!  That is very respectable for div 1 NCAA.

If all that wasn’t enough to make you like him, he’s also a hometown Winnipeg boy!  I heard an interview with him on Hustler and Lawless on the drive home today and he sounds like a solid kid.  I could easily see him becoming a fan favourite down the road if things work out.

I was bitching and moaning that the cupboard is relatively bare.  This certainly helps that situation and it’s worth pointing out that because Gregoire went the college route, he’s already 22 years of age and is probably very close to being ready to contribute.  If not right now, then hopefully in the very near future.

Again, awesome move by Chevy to manufacture something from nothing.  Every little bit helps!


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2 Responses to Jason Gregoire

  1. Deetsdawg says:

    haha this is exactly the kind of thing i was talking about in my post on your previous article. looking for college players who haven’t been drafted yet or in this case have been drafted but never signed a contract with the team that drafted them. another good move by chevy. and i’m loving the fact that he is bringing in home grown talent!!

  2. Amy says:

    Agreed! He was apparently even down at Portage and Main celebrating on May 31st when the announcement was made that we were getting the Thrashers.