Potential Arbitration For Ladd

Who’s got 2 thumbs and is nervous as hell that the current captain of the Jets has until Tuesday at 5:00pm (EST) to sign a new contract or he can file for arbitration?

I’m really hoping that Andrew Ladd and his agent can come to terms with Chevy and get a deal done ASAP.  The thought of this getting to arbitration does not sit well with me.  As I understand it, an RFA is eligible to file for arbitration if they’ve been in the league for at least 4 years, so thankfully it doesn’t appear to be an issue for Wheeler or Bogosian.

Why do I care so much that the Ladd deal gets done on good terms and avoids arbitration?  Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. By most accounts, Ladd is the heart and soul of the team.  It would be a huge blow not to be able to keep him.
  2. Dragging this negotiation out doesn’t send a strong message to the fans, the other players, or the rest of the league, especially on the heels of an unspectacular first few days of free agency.
  3. Uncertainty – leaving the ultimate contract decision up to an independent 3rd party means anything could happen.  It gets especially hard to predict the outcome given the crazy contracts that were handed out on Friday.
  4. If the amount awarded is so ludicrous that the Jets decide to let him walk, they lose a very valuable piece of the puzzle and get nothing in return.
  5. Arbitration is a messy ordeal that can sour the relationship between player and organization forever.  Imagine going to arbitration with your current boss and listening to him or her list all the reasons why you shouldn’t get a raise.  It can be a big blow to the player’s ego.
  6. Contracts offered in arbitration are short in term which pretty much destroys any hope of getting Ladd locked up long-term.

The good news is that even if Ladd ends up filing for arbitration, the hearings are usually not held until late July or early August so there will still be plenty of time to get a deal done assuming both sides continue to negotiate in good faith.  Also, it’s not uncommon for deals to be struck within minutes of the hearing since it’s not a pleasant experience from either perspective.

Get it done Chevy!

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One Response to Potential Arbitration For Ladd

  1. Deetsdawg says:

    loving that chevy has locked this guy down for the next 5 years, and i’m also lovin the fact that he didn’t go out and throw away money on free agents that are only mediocre. looks like our jets will be building a solid winning foundation the right way. keep up the good work chevy!!